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Dr. Ronald Hoffman

Item Description
Active Q Ubiquinol 50 mg 50 mg, 100 softgels
Active Q Ubiquinol 100 mg 100 mg, 60 softgels
B-1 Thiamin may support heart function, and help with blood formation and the metabolism of carbohydrates. It is also required for the health of the nervous system. 100 mg, 100 capsules
Berberine (same as CM Core) Supports many different aspects of cardiometabolic health.
Cardio Wellness A paradigm-changing probiotic produces a cardio health antioxidant.
Chewable Coenzyme Q10 Emulsified with lecithin. 300 mg, 30 chewable tablets
CholestePure Plus A high-purity phytosterol complex, supporting healthy lipid metabolism without the saturated fat, trans fatty acids or calories found in functional foods. Beta-sitosterol contained in this formula supports prostate health. 120 capsules
EPA/DHA Vegetarian Algae-derived EPA and DHA 60 capsules
E.P.O. Evening primrose oil. 100 capsules
Ester-C Bio Ester C is an advanced 'body-ready' form of vitamin C that is easily digested and quickly absorbed by the body. Studies show that vitamin C can help reduce the risk of preecllampsia. 100 capsules
Gamma E-Gems 60 softgels
Hawthorn Extract A cardioactive herb. 60 capsules
Vitamin K2 180 mcg High concentration Vitamin K2 and D3 support to maintain bone density and healthy cardiovascular function.
L-Carnitine For cardiovascular and endurance support. 60 capsules
Magnesium Jigsaw w/SRT Supports energy production and healthy muscle function 240 tablets
Magnesium Citrate This macromineral is a cofactor for some 300 enzymes in the body, and acts in concert with calcium to support cell, tissue, and organ functions. 170 mg, 90 capsules
Magnesium Glycinate 100 mg, 120 tablets
Magnesium Taurate Both magnesium and taurine are associated with protection against cardiac arrythmias. Magnesium Taurate is a scientifically-designed amino acid-mineral complex. It is routinely used to help support healthy heart rhythm. 180 capsules
Meriva-SF A breakthrough in curcumin absorption 120 capsules
Methyl-Guard Plus More concentrated methylation support. 90 capsules
Methylcobalamin Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin is the neurologically active, most biovailable and best utilized form of Vitamin B12 and is the only form of B12 that is found in the brain. 5000 mcg, 4 oz
Neo40 Professional Clinical strength daily heart and circulation formula. car 60 lozenges
Niacel Nicotinamide riboside for endurance, energy, and healthy aging. 60 capsules
Metasol 60 capsules
Orthomega 820 Orthomega is the most potent source of valuable Omega 3 oils available, combining the heart-healthy and anti-inflammatory benefits of EPA with brain and vision support offered by DHA. 180 capsules
Perfusia-SR sustained-release L-arginine ? the most important cardiovascular product of the decade. 1,000 mg, 120 mg
PhosChol Phosphatidylcholine, a primary component of lecithin, is converted in the brain into the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Researchers have found acetylcholine to be a primary carrier of memory. 900mg 100 softgels
Taurine Taurine is a potent antioxidant and antitoxin, and in these roles is particularly important to the liver and immune system. 500 mg, 100 capsules
Ultra Omega-3 Cardiovascular support, enteric coated, and supports cognitive function. 90 soft gels

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