Benefits of the salad and salmon diet.

The salad and salmon diet

  • no flour products
  • limited whole grains
  • olive oil and foods rich in omega 3s
  • no sugar
  • one fruit a day
  • unlimited legumes
  • no hydrogenated fats
  • unlimited low starch vegetables
  • lean protein from fish, poultry, eggs (meat optional)

The Salad and Salmon diet is based on increasing lean protein, healthy fats such as olive oil and fish oil, and non starchy vegetables, while decreasing starches sugars, saturated fats and eliminating hydrogenated oils.

The health and therapeutic benefits of olive oil were first mentioned by Hippocrates, the father of medicine. For centuries, the nutritional, cosmetic and medicinal benefits of olive oil have been recognized by the people of the Mediterranean. Olive oil was used to maintain skin and muscle suppleness, heal abrasions, and soothe the burning and drying effects of sun and water. Olive oil was administered both internally, and externally - for health and beauty.

Recent research has shown that a Mediterranean diet, which includes olive oil, is not only generally healthy, but that consuming olive oil can actually help lower harmful LDL cholesterol. Olive oil contains antioxidants that discourage artery clogging and chronic diseases, including cancer (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol 61, 1338S-1345S). A recent study showed that the Mediterranean diet was helpful in reducing the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis (Ann Rheum Dis 2003; 62: 192-195)

The salad and salmon diet is beneficial for:

  • hypercholesterolemia
  • syndrome X
  • insulin resistance
  • elevated triglycerides
  • weight loss
  • hypertension
  • certain types of cancer
  • poor immune function
  • inflammatory and auto-immune conditions
  • general health

Many other conditions benefit from customized versions of the Salad and Salmon Diet

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Benefits of the salad and salmon diet.

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