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If you are a health professional, you may want to obtain further training in the field of complementary and alternative medicine. I invite you to listen to Health Talk on WOR Radio ( and its affiliates [link to affiliates page at]. While geared to lay audiences, it is a favorite of health professionals who want to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of nutrition and medicine. On this website , we provide radio listeners with references [hyperlink here] to the articles that are the basis for my daily medical features. By looking up the original literature using Medline or internet search engines or journal sites or via medical libraries, health professionals can source the very same articles that provide me with fodder for my radio discussions.

In addition to speaking to the general public, I often lecture to health professionals. Click here to learn about this schedule of lectures and appearances.

I would like to suggest several resources to you who desire to pursue professional education in complementary and alternative medicine. Biannual instructional workshops and scientific conferences are conducted by ACAM (the American College for Advancement in Medicine), the country's largest professional organization of complementary-oriented physicians. These CME-accredited meetings are very worthwhile, and provide the inquisitive health professional with a broad introduction to the techniques and philosophy of alternative practice.

I especially encourage medical students and residents to take advantage of ACAM's special programs designed to make participation affordable during training.

FAIM (the Foundation for the Advancement of Innovative Medicine),, provides health professionals in several states with a vehicle for political action at the state level to make states more amenable to the reasonable exercise of patient rights to access health choices. One of FAIM's most notable accomplishments was the passage of New York State's first law specifically authorizing the use of complementary and alternative therapies in appropriate medical contexts. I am one of the founding members.

The AAHF (American Association for Health Freedom),, is a national group of health professionals that provides an influential presence for complementary medicine on the Federal scene. It is currently championing the passage of the Access to Medical Treatment Act, a bill sponsored by several congressional legislators that will revolutionize the practice of complementary and alternative medicine in the U.S.

For those interested in nutrition, I recommend attending the conferences of the ACN (American College of Nutrition), I am a board member of the Certifying Board of Nutritional Specialists (CBNS), the certifying arm of the ACN. I recommend that health professionals seeking validation of their nutritional expertise prepare for and take the exam of the CBNS, for credentialing as a Certified Nutritional Specialist (CNS).

We receive many requests from health professionals from all over the world to "sit in" at Dr. Hoffman's Practice and observe the novel approach to health care employed there. We regret that we can not fulfill these requests at this time.

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For health professionals