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Our On-line Store offers the very same high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade supplement Dr. Hoffman recommends to his patients at the Hoffman Center. Dr. Hoffman and his nutritionist undertake exhaustive efforts to identify and source the highest quality and most effective supplements on the market. We carry many brands because no single company offers a "one-stop-shop" for all supplements needed to address the wide gamut of health conditions seen at the Hoffman Center. Some of the supplements are formulated personally by Dr. Hoffman and are uniquely available to his patients and through his website (see Dr. Hoffman Supplements)

We endeavor to keep our prices competitive, and they usually compare favorably with the prices of comparable supplements at health food stores and on popular supplement websites. Beware, however, of the false allure of "discount" supplements: You often get what you pay for. Supplements, herbs, and vitamins offered at "bargain basement" prices are usually too good to be true. The scientific literature abounds with examples of poor standardization of natural products, some containing harmful adulterants, others containing little or none of the label claims. Dr. Hoffman and his team of nutritional specialists eliminate your guesswork by sourcing only the highest quality supplements, often performing laboratory assays to verify the potency of critical ingredients. Additionally, Dr. Hoffman is committed to providing you with the latest information about supplements via this website, on the radio with Health Talk, or in person should you elect to become a patient of the Hoffman Center.

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