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Rosavin is the herb Rhodiola rosea, commonly called "Golden Root," or "Arctic Root." It comes from the polar arctic region of eastern Siberia at high elevations. Of the many species of Rhodiola, only rosea has the primary active phenylpropanoids of rosavin and salidroside among others.

Rosavin is almost unknown in the United States. In Siberia the location of Arctic Root plants are a closely held secret among families who live there. The emperor of China used to organize expeditions to Siberia to bring back this highly valued plant. Rosavin is an adaptogenic herb along the lines of more famous cousins such as ginseng, ashwaganda, suma, etc. Rosavin, however, is more powerful and may be the best adaptogenic herb available.

Each capsule contains: Proprietary Blend (Standardized Siberian Rhodiola rosea) bioactive rosavin, rosin, rosarin, and salidroside.

Other ingredients: Plant Gelatin, Rice Powder.

Suggested use: For Adults, as a dietary supplement, take 1 to 3 capsules a day before meals with water.

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60 capsules

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Dr. Ronald Hoffman

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Rhodiola Rosea L. Extract Improves Symptoms of Mild to Moderate Depression
Nord J Psychiatry, 2007; 61(5): 343-8

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