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Dr. Ronald Hoffman

Item Description
Advanced Formula Biocidin Advanced Formula Biocidin is a potent broad-spectrum combination of botanicals for systemic use and for addressing the gastrointestinal tract. 1 oz., 30 ml
CandiBactin-AR Concentrated aromatic essential oils. 60 softgels
Chewable Licorice Rx Vitamins' Chewable Licorice is a standardized extract of deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL). Licorice has a long history of health-related benefits and clinical studies have demonstrated its benefits concerning gastric distress and tissue repair.
Digestzyme-V Digestzyme-V is a comprehensive vegetarian blend of enzymes used to support healthy digestion. 90 capsules
Endefen Multi-dimensional support for GI health 14.81 oz (420 g) powder
Ortho Digestzyme Ortho Digestzyme is a comprehensive blend of enzymes used to support healthy digestion and maximize nutrient absorption. 90 capsules
Phloe Healthy Bowel A 100% natural digestive aid which has been clinically shown to keep you regular, while promoting long term intestinal health. 100 capsules
Peppermint Plus Peppermint Plus soothes the intestine with antispasmodic effects. Enteric-coated softgels resist digestion in the stomach, and allow the formula to move to the intestines, where it's released for optimum benefit. 60 softgels
Ther-Biotic Metabolic Formula Multispecies probiotic supports healthy weight and energy metabolism. 60 capsules

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