Your initial visit to the practice

At your first visit you will meet with Dr. Hoffman, for a consultation and a physical examination. Dr. Hoffman will take an extensive history and review any tests that you bring to the visit and order the tests that he will need to develop your treatment plan. Patients also visit with nutritionist Leyla Muedin for 30 minutes. The cost of the first visit and physical with Dr. Hoffman is $1500 and does not include any testing, supplements, books or anything other than the visit. Although we do not participate with any insurance providers including Medicare, we will be very happy to assist you with any information that your insurance carrier needs to process your claim. We DO NOT, however, guarantee reimbursement.

The second visit to the practice takes place about 3-4 weeks later with Dr. Hoffman for a cost of $700. We call this consultation the First Results visit. Dr. Hoffman spends a lengthy amount of time to going over your test results and developing your individualized treatment plan.

You will be given a copy of all your lab test results for your personal records.

Again you will meet with our nutritionist, Leyla Muedin. She will fine tune the diet modifications which will help your path to wellness go more quickly and more smoothly.

After you meet with both Dr. Hoffman and Leyla, one of the staff will tell when Dr. Hoffman would like you to schedule your subsequent visit. Follow-up visits with Dr. Hoffman are $350 and include a consult with nutritionist, Leyla Muedin.

If you would like to meet with Leyla or speak with her over the phone in addition to your medical visits, a 30 minute consult is $175.

ALL PATIENTS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE AN ANNUAL EXAM for a fee of $1000 with Dr. Hoffman and Leyla. This fee does not include charges for test kits, or prescribed drugs or supplements.

All patients are required to have a primary care physician, and/or specialists as appropriate to the patient's medical condition, as Dr. Hoffman is not affiliated with a hospital and does not deliver primary care.

Your initial visit to the practice

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