Pure Antioxidant Serum

by Ortho Molecular Products

The Pure Antioxidant Serum includes antioxidant-rich extracts to replenish skin's youthful glow and moisturized feel. Over time, the body's internal antioxidant system becomes less effective, making external supplementation of water-soluble antioxidants an important part of daily skin care. Antioxidants from green tea, white tea, and red grapes play a major role against age-associated stress on the skin.

Clinical Applications

  • Includes antioxidant-rich tea and red grape extracts

  • Deeply moisturizes skin and leaves a matte finish

  • Plant-based ingredients are gentle enough for daily use

Ingredient Benefits

Green tea
Green tea provides epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a potent, bioactive phytonutrient. EGCG is the primary catechin in green tea and has a high antioxidant capacity, which can help promote a visibly vibrant and younger-looking complexion.

Red grapes
Red grapes are a phytochemical-rich fruit with a high concentration of resveratrol, a potent antioxidant. In nature, resveratrol plays a key role in a plant's defensive arsenal. It is produced by plants in response to stress, and has been studied for its potential in skin care. The antioxidant ability of resveratrol is known to be potent and effective. This powerful antioxidant capability helps restore the youthful appearance of skin.


Directions: Massage a couple of drops onto cleansed skin

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Dr. Ronald Hoffman

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